Operations - Jagoan Care

November 11, 2020
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About the role (Operations - Jagoan Car)

  • Be responsible for managing our Jagoans (the owners and operators of the Jago carts)
  • Source new potential Jagoans to recruit
  • Interview potential Jagoans and determine whether they can succeed in our model
  • Improve the Jagoan training material and run training sessions to get them up to speed to deliver the best cafe experience to our users
  • Inform and educate Jagoans thru in-person or virtual sessions when there are changes to our menu, to the app experience, when new features launch, etc.
  • Overall, be a champion for our Jagoans to ensure they are happy and enjoying being in the Jago ecosystem
  • Ensure Jagoans are getting upskilled in the domain of coffee and in the domain of being a small business owner
  • Develop retraining programs and come up with workshops to make sure the Jagoans are upskilling
  • Work together with other divisions in the company from marketing, to design, to engineering to achieve retention of our Jagoans 


  • Experience in operations
  • Experience dealing with a lot of different kinds of individuals
  • Ability to communicate and distill high level strategy to on the ground

About Jago

At Jago we’re electrifying convenience. We do this through a fleet of fully-electric mobile carts that go around the city and serve fresh, quality beverages to wherever our customers are. These carts are owned and operated by what we call Jagoans who not only know how to brew coffee but can teach you whatever you want to know about coffee. Our aim is to bring a cafe-like experience to you, whether you’re at work or stuck at home. 


We’re a startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia and it’s where our product and service is available. We’re a small team of engineers, designers, operations, marketing, baristas, and product. We’re passionate about quality coffee beverages and about empowering the micro-entrepeneurs of Indonesia by giving them tools and knowledge to provide the best products and hospitality to consumers around the nation.