A Cafe in Kos-Kosan? Why Not!

August 17, 2021
written by:
Zulfi Putraji

Ever wondered what having a cafe with a dedicated barista at your kos would be like? Well, Jago and SinggahSini by Mamikos do exactly that to give the best coffee experience to its renters and the community around it.

We teamed up to provide cafe-quality yet affordable coffees every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by trained baristas. Starting from 10k for a cup of coffee! Jago understands the kos’ renters “saving culture”; to get maximum quality with minimum spending 😛😛😛

You can find Jagoan brewing in these locations:

  1. Kost Singgahsini Keagungan 20A
  2. Kost Singgahsini Haji Nawi
  3. Kost Singgahsini Star Residence
  4. Kost Singgahsini Radio Dalam Syariah
  5. Kost Singgahsini Dian Setiabudi
  6. Kost Singgahsini Batu

Not a SinggahSini renter but living around these areas? Jagoan will be welcoming you too! Download our app and order on-demand your favourite coffee, tea, or chocolate beverage!

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