Why We Are Continuously on The Search for The Best of The Best

August 17, 2021
written by:
Zulfi Putraji

Every day, we wake up and think about what we will wear, overwhelmed when comparing deals on e-commerce or what to eat for lunch. Have you ever wondered why human beings do such things? That’s because we humans have different personalities and preferences when it comes to choices. We use –realise it or not — our personality or taste to make decisions.

There have been a few studies and online articles talking about this. Some choice, at least, is always better than no choice. Research using an MRI, for example, shows higher activity in the brain’s reward and motivation systems when a person feels a sense of control in a situation according to this study. Because of this instinctive preference choice, there’s a tendency to believe more choices might be better.

We live in an unprecedented age of options. And that can make finding the best choice difficult. The same thing happens with our decision for coffee. It is full of choices and variety that sometimes extra effort is needed to find the right one. So, here we are. We at Jago help you navigate your journey of choosing coffee with Jago Originals.

Since we launched Jago in May 2020, we’ve focused on bringing a brand new cafe-on-wheels experience to you so you can enjoy quality, specialty coffee without having to waste your time and make a dent in your wallet searching for the best coffee around Jakarta.

Jago Originals is quality and specialty coffee that comes in the form of delicious iced or hot beverages that’s brewed right on the spot for you. Each cup is an expression of who you are. The interaction between coffee, soil, farmers, barista all come into one place, creating an identity that reflects you who enjoy it. One sip and they all become part of the experience.

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