Your Coffee Habit Can Help the Environment

August 17, 2021
written by:
Zulfi Putraji

Imagine you are in the office or working from home, 1 pm has just rolled around and coffee is what you need to prevent that food coma after lunch. You might fall into these two options: ordering coffee through delivery or driving to pick up your own coffee from the nearest cafe. Both options require fossil-fuel vehicles in order to enjoy that cup of coffee which, realize it or not, has an impact on the environment. There’s no need to feel bad, we all need that cup of coffee to get us going or to get us through the day.

The increasing number of vehicles in Jakarta places the transportation sector as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases compared to other industries. In 2012, the transportation sector accounted for 46 percent of the capital’s total greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to decline only slightly to a level of 43 percent. Every car, motorcycle, bus, and other fossil-fuel vehicle is contributing to the pollution issue.

Let’s say you use a delivery service using a motorcycle and the distance between your home to your favorite cafe is 5 kilometers. According to WRI Indonesia, the average CO2 emissions produced by a single motorcycle is around 150 grams per kilometer. So for just one cup of coffee, that’s already contributing 750 grams of CO2 emissions. The number sounds small, right? But, in Jakarta, there are 8 million motorcycles registered in 2019. You can do the math.

Of course, it is not 100% accurate, and not all 8 million motorcycles are used every day to travel 5 kilometers. It could be more or it could be less. But one thing for sure is your habit of enjoying a cup of coffee could make a difference. Let us tell you how!

1. Order an electric-powered cafe-on-wheels

Try Jago, Indonesia’s first-ever electric cafe-on-wheels. Every time you order a coffee from the Jago App, the battery-powered cafe-on-wheels will come to your location, whether it’s an office, home, school, or gathering place. What’s incredible is that the journey with this electric cart from one point to another produces 10 times less emissions than a motorcycle. Our battery-powered cafe-on-wheels also uses its battery to power the brewing equipment like the water pump and electric kettle. It even powers our mobile speaker so you can enjoy music while the Jagoan brews your coffee fresh 🕺💃

2. Walk or use a bike

The best way to not leave any carbon footprint is to use our feet to get around whether it’s walking or cycling. Yes, you can always pick up your cup of coffee especially if the location is just around the corner. Bonus! The data from shows that these activities can improve cardiovascular health like lowered blood pressure, reduces stress, and increase overall happiness.

3. Upcycle the cup and reuse coffee grounds

People usually discard the cup and the grounds left behind after the coffee is brewed, but you could reconsider throwing them out. There are a few ways to upcycle used coffee cups like creating coffee cup planters or stationary cups. Coffee grounds also have many practical uses around the home and garden and can even help spruce up your beauty routine. If you’re ordering freshly brewed coffee, you can ask the barista for the coffee grounds.

Are you ready to change your coffee habit to help the environment?

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